Terms of Affiliate Program

Rules of use of the Affiliate Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) operated by TGNCA s.r.o., Company ID: 09634231 with its registered office Emilie Floriánová 810/2, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou conducted at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem under sp. zn. C 46079 (hereinafter referred to as “TGNCA “).

Affiliate Program

1) TGNCA undertakes the person who mediates the completion of the registration in the application with the potential customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Partner”) to pay a commission for the mediation of the registration of the potential customer based on the turnover that will be generated by the potential customer on the basis of further cooperation.

2) Registration in the Affiliate Program is closed for an indefinite period, but the entitlement to a monthly commission from each brokered registration lasts no longer than 540 days of consecutive calendar months. There is no legal claim to registration and is subject to TGNCA approval.

3) The partner declares that he does not have a criminal record and is a person registered in the commercial or trade register. In the event that the partner ceases to comply with these conditions, he is obliged to notify the TGNCA, within 30 days of the occurrence of such an event that establishes his incapacity to be a partner.

4) In the event that the Partner breaches its notification obligation referred to in point 2.3 of these Terms and Conditions, TGNCA has the right to withdraw from the contract and the Partner shall cease to be entitled to commissions for the 6 calendar months preceding the month in which the Partner received the withdrawal from the contract. Withdrawal from the contract is considered proper if it is sent to the email address specified by him when registering for the Affiliate Program.

5) TGNCA undertakes to pay the partner a commission for the mediation of registration, in the amount of:

  • 0% of the generated turnover in the first 30 days of customer registration in the application
  • 0,3% of the generated turnover from the 30th day from the registration of the customer in the application until the end of the 180th day from the mentioned registration.
  • 0,5% of the generated turnover from the 180th day from the registration of the customer in the application until the end of 540 days from the mentioned registration.

(hereinafter referred to as “Partner's Commission”).

6) The partner's commission is calculated from the generated turnover of the customer through the application. The generated turnover is calculated on the basis of data aggregated in the Google Analytics web application to measure the customer's website at www.analytics.google.com short-linked Tanganica Pixel measurement code.

7) The intermediary's entitlement to commission arises only when TGNCA itself charges a fee for the service to the customer.

8) The partner does not have the right to commission, or part of it, if he is the owner or employee of the potential customer for whom the registration was made.

9) TGNCA undertakes to pay the partner's commission to the partner-specified bank account within 30 days from the end of the billing period of the potential customer whose registration was facilitated by the partner.

10) The Partner and TGNCA may terminate the contract at any time without giving a reason. The notice shall be effective on the day following the delivery of the notice to the other party. The notice must be sent by registered mail to the address of the Contracting Party or to the e-mail address of the Contracting Party. TGNCA declares that on its part the e-mail address info@tanganica.com is eligible to do so. Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, his/her email address provided during registration is eligible for this purpose. In the event of termination, the partner's entitlement to commissions accrued in the month in which the other party received the termination shall not cease.

11) TGNCA undertakes not to induce or otherwise persuade the Customer to terminate any other cooperation with the Partner if any cooperation is ongoing between them.

Final provisions

11) These terms and conditions are governed by the law of the Czech Republic. Rights and obligations not expressly stated in these terms and conditions are governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.

12) TGNCA reserves the right to cancel the Affiliate Program at any time or unilaterally change the Rules. TGNCA is obliged to notify the fact that the Rules have been amended and to publish their new current version on the pages of its website, and at the same time inform the Partner of the change by email, at least 1 month before the change takes effect.

(13) In the event that any provision of the Rules would be invalid or ineffective for any reason, that fact shall not cause the invalidity or ineffectiveness of other parts of the Rules.