Expand your services and surprise your clients

Get certified for your marketing agency. With Tanganica, you simply expand your service portfolio and help your clients gain additional sales and bring in brand new customers.
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Tanganica helps to increase revenue to 3000+ of e-commerce stores.

Join our partner agencies and marketing specialists

Do you also want to become our partner? For more information, please contact robert.tichy@tanganica.com

Rich commission and affiliate program

We appreciate working together with your agency and for this reason we would like to share with you the commission you will receive as part of the affiliate program. Contact us, become our partner and enjoy many benefits with us.

Expand your service portfolio

Are you an innovative agency looking for new ways to expand your portfolio of services?With Tanganica you can do it very easily. You will deliver additional revenue to your clients, increase their return on investment and offer them a competitive advantage.

Do not refuse new clients

Do you have a lot of requests for your services and little time? Thanks to the simple process of running ads and automatic performance optimization, you'll save a lot of time that you can spend on other important activities.

You will have everything under control

Within the app, you'll have control of all your clients in one place and the results will come to you in real time. If needed, you can share access to your client's account where they can only see their stats.

“Do you know the feeling when you feel from the first contact that this collaboration will be worth it? This is exactly how I felt when Filip Svárovský presented me with the Tanganica project.

And today? Real results put me right at In Creative. The automated performance advertising platform helps us with a few clients right away and I look forward to seeing what it brings next. Robert Tichý is also involved in all this with technical support so that everything runs as it should.”

Jakub Horacek
CEO In Creative

“We have become only the second certified agency in the Czech Republic! As only the second certified agency in the Czech Republic, we have the opportunity to individually consult each client we are in charge of in Tanganica.”

Veronika Janusova
Digital Marketing Manager