Main features
for maximum performance

Tanganica offers a variety of features to make your life easier and help you achieve the best results.
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Tanganica helps to increase revenue to 3000+ of e-commerce stores.

Get additional revenue
without affecting your existing campaigns

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Additional revenue

Your campaigns don't grow and you find hard to scale them? With Tanganica, you can simply earn additional revenue and start scaling your marketing.

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Thanks to advanced algorithms, Tanganica campaigns achieve, on average, 41% better returns than the original store's campaigns.

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Professional support

Your Tanganica campaigns are staffed by the biggest professionals in their field, such as people from Google's Dublin headquarters.

Expand your marketing mix
in a few clicks

Getting new customers from all corners of the internet has never been easier. Display your products on multiple search queries and expand your marketing reach.

Discover more great features

Get maximum performance without huge monthly investments on expensive marketing teams. Now you can have everything in one place.

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Automatic optimization of performance and budget

An experienced specialist will spend several hours a month on routine optimization of campaigns. 
You don't have to deal with anything like this with us, because management and optimization is done automatically

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Clear statistics about your marketing

The numbers speak for everything. You can find all statistics in real time in Tanganica. So you can start evaluating right away without having to look into Google Analytics or similar tools.

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Repair and improvements for your product data

Errors can arise in a large amount of product data. We try to automatically correct the most common errors and display the largest possible number of products in ads.

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You only pay for real results

In Tanganica, we care about your success and that's why you only pay for the service if you earn. No sales = no service charges. Nor are there any long-term contracts and meaningless fees waiting for you.

What our customers say about Tanganica

I have been working with Tanganica for about a quarter of a year and I can say for myself that I am maximally satisfied. Tanganica brings me roughly 35% of the total revenue. Traffic, number of orders and revenue have increased significantly. All the while managing to keep the ROAS only slightly above the set level.
Martina Habrova
It has been almost a year since our store started cooperation with Tanganica and became their customer. Everything works as it should and to our liking. Services and their functionality are constantly being expanded and improved. The personal approach and interest in us as a customer is above standard these days and I highly recommend it. In a word, PERCEPTIVE. I recommend and put my hand in the fire. In addition, the owner Filip is a sympathetic and normal person. May they prosper!
Jan Škaloud
Very good experience. Compared to other similar services or agencies, they manage to comply well with the target ROI. I would also like to expand to other advertising channels like List, Instagram, etc. The statistics could be more detailed. Especially for individual campaigns. Otherwise, I recommend it for anyone who does not have time to sit over the campaign and debug it.
Daniel Krečmer
I didn't believe Tanganica, but we tried, and I have to say I haven't met a better advertising tool. Money for advertising is not wasted, the setup is clear and the most important orders on our store have grown at a record pace. I recommend.
Elena Fojtková
Tanganica approached our e-shop on its own and we were immediately interested in the clear, clear and simple rules of cooperation. Setting up the whole system took a few moments. The performance and effectiveness of Google PLA campaigns is gradually increasing, we look forward to the next step in the form of the takeover of Google DSA ads and product advertising on Facebook by Tanganica.
Aleš Verba
So far, we only work with Tanganica with selected clients, but we can still say that the results pleasantly surprised us. The overall setup is within a few clicks and campaigns can run. What we would still like to highlight is a helpful and kind attitude, great communication and follow-up care. We certainly plan to expand to other clients in the future.
Tereza Šmejdířová
I must highlight the great communication and focus on product and development — as well as the clear menu and easy tool operation. Thanks to this, virtually anyone can manage to deploy a feed and start graduation.
Tomáš Ventruba
marketingový specialista
Tanganica is the fourth company we approached to manage PPC campaigns. Compared to agencies, I would like to highlight a very simple way of establishing cooperation. It was enough just to check the feed, set the min. ROAS, clarify the rules of the game and without the need to sign a contract, everything could have started.
Ondřej Ťupa
We started to cooperate with Tanganica to a limited extent, but gradually we included both our Czech stores. The current numbers look good and the main eshop is expected to catch on. Tanganica provides us with the agreed ROAS, the cooperation is almost effortless.
Roman Ďuriš
They are big professionals in Tanganica and they have a great, pro-customer approach. The application itself and its results pleasantly surprised me, as in a very short time it generated very nice additional revenue with a good ROAS, which we would hardly have achieved in another channel. The operation of the application is simple and intuitive, I appreciate the connection to GA4 and the optimization possibilities. Overall, I highly recommend it.
Dalibor Malina
Tanganica has become our key partner and their campaigns play a major part in the success of our e-shop. Their work is well thought out and effective, which allows us to achieve excellent results. We are very pleased that Tanganyika has managed to keep the ROAS required by us for a long time. The customer support is perfect, always available to answer our questions and solve any problems. Overall, we are very satisfied with Tanganyika and would definitely recommend their cooperation to anyone looking for a reliable and professional partner for their business.
Michal Aniol