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Tanganica helps to increase revenue to 3000+ of e-commerce stores.

Google Shopping

The basic advertising format of performance marketing.Google purchases can account for up to 70% of the total sales of an e-commerce store. This is a visual format with a product photo.Users have an idea of the product before they click on it.

Performance Max

The latest advertising format on Google. This is an extension of standard Google purchases. PMax campaign can be displayed in other locations such as Youtube, Gmail, Search and more. Thanks to partial retargeting, the PMax campaign is able to engage users in most of the purchasing decision making.

Dynamic Text Ads

Text ads are the basis of search. The advantage of dynamic ads is that the headline and landing page of the ad adapt to the user's search query. You can then direct users to specific categories or products.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads in a format called “carousel” are among Facebook's highest-performing ads. Ads can also appear on Instagram and hit users here as well.

We are preparing other advertising formats

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